Upcoming London Tea Event

Chessers Tea is going to hold a tea tasting event in London.

If you would like to come, please fill in the survey below, and feel free to share the link.

Place and time to be confirmed.

I hope to see you there.


We are most likely not going to be able to hold the event in the Houses of Parliament, but it’s a nice picture.


Tea Cafe Event

Chessers Tea hosted a Tea Cafe Event at King’s College London.

I gave a short presentation, we had gong fu tea ceremonies, and showed some simpler brewing techniques.

It was great to meet people and share tea culture, and the origins of our teas from Taiwan.

I am very keen to organise something similar in the future.

Come to our Tea Cafe!

Please indicate if you would like to come to my tea cafe in the event page below!


The event is going to be held at King’s College London, at their campus on the Strand, in central London.

The security has requested contact details for all those going, so please send me a private message on facebook, or an email to chesserstea@outlook.com with your email address and telephone number.


Come and drink tea with us!


If you are in London in January or February,  come to our upcoming tea cafe event.

Click the link below to let us know when you would like Chessers Tea to host a tea cafe.


Spread the word to anyone who might like to come.


Tea Tasting and Talks at SOAS

Chessers Tea had the opportunity yesterday to give some talks at SOAS university in London about tea, Taiwan, and Taiwan’s indigenous aboriginal population. The evening was a chance for university students to experience a wide variety of performances and speeches from different cultures and countries, as well as an opportunity to try food from Nigeria, Japan and sample our Taiwanese tea for free. Some memorable examples included a performance of Indian classical dance, an Aikido demonstration and music from West Africa. As well as presenting a talk, we also had a table with all of our teas, that allowed people to see and taste tea served in the gong fu style.