Ochazuke Recipe – tea poured over rice


Ochazuke is a quick small meal or snack in Japanese cuisine. It is basically tea or stock poured over rice with accompanying ingredients. It can be made with instant packets and hot water, but here is a simple recipe that can be made using our Powdered Green Tea.

Ingredients for 1 serving:


1 small bowl of cooked rice. I used brown rice but you can use white rice if you prefer

1 spring onion / scallion / green onion

2 dried shiitake mushrooms

a thumb’s length piece of courgette / zucchini

Optional: a small piece of nori seaweed

Tea mixture for pouring over:

1 teabag Chessers’ Powdered Green Tea

A third of a cube of Japanese dashi stock (see note at the end), or a couple of good pinches of dashi powder, or a third of a mug of dashi stock.


Step 1: Clean the shiitake mushrooms by quickly rinsing them in water or wiping with a damp cloth. Break them into smaller pieces if they are whole, and put them into a small bowl of water to rehydrate.

Step 2: Slice up the courgette and spring onion.

Step 3: Brew the teabag of Powdered Green Tea in a mug with hot but not boiling water (around 80C) for around 1 minute or so and then discard the teabag.

Step 4: Take the rehydrated shiitake mushrooms out of the water and keep the water for later.

Step 5: Fry the courgette and the rehydrated shiitake mushrooms in oil, and after a couple of minutes, add the spring onions. I tend to use a medium-high heat.

Step 6: Take the water the mushrooms had been soaking in and add to the tea you made. The ratio should be roughly 1:2 mushroom stock:tea. Keep aside any extra liquid to add according to taste. Add the dashi. Stir and adjust seasoning and ingredients to your liking.

Step 7: On top of a bowl of newly cooked hot rice, put the courgette mixture and then pour over the tea mixture. Place the nori seaweed in the edge of the bowl.

It is now ready to serve.

Note: Dashi stock is a Japanese stock, which classically contains fish flakes, and kombu seaweed. There are also vegetarian versions available that contain use just seaweed, or seaweed in combination with shiitake mushrooms.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.