How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea in a Cup

This is our video for how to brew loose leaf tea using just hot water and a cup.

I find that after waiting for the leaves to settle and unfurl in the cup, they will not float towards you.

This way of drinking tea is much more convenient than the traditional “gong fu” style, which will be the subject of the next video.


How to Brew Tea in a Western Teapot

This is the first video for Chessers Tea’s new Youtube channel (feel free to join us there as well): how to simply brew loose leaf tea in a teapot.

I hope to make more videos in the future, with other ways of brewing tea.

Water temperature, quantity of leaf and length of time for each steep depends on the kind of tea.
Basically, the greener the tea, the cooler the water. Use 60-70 degrees celcius for green teas, 70-80 for oolongs, and 80-90 or so for black teas.
For length of time, generally, increasing the steeping time a few seconds in each steeping will work well.
However, feel free to experiment and see what tastes best.